Screenshot of Arc running in QEMU


Arc is a toy operating system for modern PCs with amd64 processors. It is written mostly in C11, with small amounts of Intel-style assembly where required. It can be loaded by any Multiboot 2-compliant boot loader, such as GNU GRUB.


The current set of features, at a high level, is roughly:

Currently these are enough to boot up and execute some simple programs written in assembly language that directly make system calls to the kernel (there’s no C library yet!)

For example, the following ‘Hello, world!’ program can be seen running in the screenshot at the top of the page:

[section .text]
[global _start]
  ; sys_trace
  mov rax, 0
  mov rdi, hello_str

  ; sys_exit
  mov rax, 1
  jmp $

[section .data]
  db "hello, world"
  db 33, 10, 0

Source code

Arc is open-source software available under the terms of the ISC license, which is similar to the 2-clause BSD license. The source code is hosted on GitHub. The README file contains instructions for building and testing it.