Graham Edgecombe

I’m a software developer based in Bath in the United Kingdom. This website is place for me to share some of my projects and publish blog posts, photos, slides, and more information about me.


Linux on a Netgate SG-8860-1U

I recently obtained a second-hand Netgate SG-8860-1U firewall, which has now replaced my PC Engines apu2c4 board as the router in my home network. The apu2c4 is a perfectly good piece of hardware, but it only has three Ethernet ports compared to six on the Netgate machine. I was using all three ports (one connected to my modem and two bonded together and connected to my managed switch), so having some spare ports for expansion is useful – I’m already thinking about how I could rewire things to try to achieve 2 gigabits/sec with bonding between my desktop and server.

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