Graham Edgecombe

I'm a software developer from the UK. This website is a place for me to share information about some of my projects and publish photos and blog posts. I've also uploaded the slides to some technical talks that I have given. There's also some information about me and a collection of links to other websites that I find interesting. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Linux on a Netgate SG-8860-1U

I recently obtained a second-hand Netgate SG-8860-1U firewall, which has now replaced my PC Engines apu2c4 board as the router in my home network. The apu2c4 is a perfectly good piece of hardware, but it only has three Ethernet ports compared to six on the Netgate machine. I was using all three ports (one connected to my modem and two bonded together and connected to my managed switch), so having some spare ports for expansion is useful – I’m already thinking about how I could rewire things to try to achieve 2 gigabits/sec with bonding between my desktop and server.

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