Graham Edgecombe

I'm a software developer from the UK. This website is a place for me to share information about some of my projects and publish photos and blog posts. I've also uploaded the slides to some technical talks that I have given. There's also some information about me and a collection of links to other websites that I find interesting. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


systemctl daemon-reload and Puppet

Update: Puppet 6.1 adds support for automatically calling systemctl daemon-reload when required, making the technique described in this post redundant.

I manage my machines at home (and at work) with Puppet, a configuration management tool. Sometimes one of my manifests needs to change a systemd service’s configuration – for example, if the upstream package didn’t ship with a unit file, or to override some settings in a .service.d directory. systemctl daemon-reload needs to be executed after changing configuration in the /etc/systemd directory, but Puppet doesn’t have built-in support for this.

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