A picture of me.

I live in Bath in the United Kingdom and I’m interested in computer programming (particularly security, reverse engineering, operating systems, compilers and processor architecture), electronics and photography.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, where I studied at Pembroke College. My dissertation, entitled “Detection of SSL-related security vulnerabilities in Android applications”, is available as a PDF file.

I currently work as a software developer for an Internet security and research company.

Social networks

You can find me on the following social networks:


Feel free to send an email to webmaster@grahamedgecombe.com if you want to get in touch.

GPG key

My GPG key fingerprint is:

D2B4 98F5 C237 5320 1BC7  A020 808A 6AE4 B9B4 4894

I also have a Keybase account, which provides further proof that this key is mine by associating it with various social media accounts.

About this website

This website was created with the Jekyll static site generator. It’s hosted on a Linode 2GB VPS running Debian and nginx. I use Git for version control.

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